From the recording Perfectly Damaged


What kind of person takes this on?
What did I sign when I signed on?
Where does it end? When did it start?
Who let me in here?
I might moan. I might cry.
I might be not what you had in mind.
I can be, a little more trouble than some.
I play hard. I'm full on.
No one get's where I come from.
And I can tell you
That's quite alright with me.......

Cause it's a little of something
To take care of onething
It snaps me to my feet
And it's worth you knowing
I gave in before now
I'm Perfectly Damaged
It's all I can manage
And when I don't look down.
I'm alright-Locked Out!

I might curse. I'm not on time
I can say what's on my mind
And that to you is a little more than you want
I might dream I might sleep
I might pray my soul to keep
So what's it to you
The I CHOOSE anyway...

If I can take it? Claim my FEAR
The future is brighter
Seems more clear.
One day IN
For one day out
and Over again......